The Roller Massage Tool

Getting Ready For Sex After Prostate Cancer

Our Manual Self Massage Tools can be an essential component of successful treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis. To do so, combine self-massage with Injections from your Rheumatologist and Guided Stretching and Strengthening Exercises from your Physical Therapist. In addition, get expert manipulation from your Physical Therapist as well. 

Our Self Massage tools can also help you have better sex after prostate cancer. Being free from muscle pain is important for better romance.

The Roller Massage Tool (pictured above) is one of two massage tools in our set of tools for treating trigger points and bone triggers. A bone trigger is defined here as a joint of two bones, or just a single bone, with an attached ligament or tendon, which area is inflamed and sore. Each massage tool treats each item, but in a different way.

The Roller Massage Tool has opposing wheels which act as a rolling pump on the surfaces it interacts with. The rolling pump action quickly produces heat and blood flow, as well as stretching and smoothing.

The Button Massage Tool (Pictured Below)

Use of Botton Massage Tool on Back

The Button Massage Tool is the second of our two self massage tools. It has a hard rubber button in dome shape. Consequently, this shape is ideal for kneading, and vibrating back and forth over a small area.The total movement of this button is designed to be about an inch in any direction. As a result, the button is never dragged over the skin.

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