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Diet For Sex After Prostatectomy
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Overcome Erectile Dysfunction With Holistic Approach

Overcome ED without sex pills, implants, food supplements, or injections. Learn The Advanced Way To Use An ED Vacuum Pump. Consequently, experience three results. First, increase libido. Second, lengthen and strengthen orgasm. And third, reduce anxiety and depression. Now you can have Better Sex after Prostatectomy, or after Prostate Radiation, or after Age Related ED. In addition,  Learn About Six Related Activities to augment your progress (see below).

Six Augmentations

First, Learn how to use our Reading Aids  to Improve your reading, physical condition, and romance simultaneously.

Second, Exercise Without Boredom or Discomfort. Use Our Rotating Device Holder on Elliptical, Recumbent Bike, Upright Bike, Or Treadmill. As a result, you will get in better physical shape and have a better social life.

Further, Read The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet (For Free) to help achieve personal and romantic happiness. 

In addition, learn about Resonance Dancing, for your body, mind, and soul.

Also, learn how to use our specialized Self Massage Tools for trigger points and bone triggers. Consequently, get pain free and have good sex.

Finally, see our Quick Change Door Mount for you to Quickly And Safely Change Your PT Stretching and Strengthening Bands. Improve your home physical therapy and consequently improve your physical condition and Readiness For Romance.

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Sequential Pumping Technique

The Sequential Pumping Technique for an ED Vacuum Pump described in this paper is much more than a simple process to overcome ED. Effort is made to show how this process affects many aspects of a couple’s relationship.

A truly holistic approach to sex after prostatectomy or prostate radiation involves all aspects of the sex act. In addition, this approach involves the  larger relationship between two people and other augmenting aids.

Superior Sex after Prostate Cancer or Age Related ED is very possible. Fortunately, the key is learning what can be.

For more information about sex and prostate cancer contact the American Cancer Society.

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