overcome ED using vacuum pump

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Preface And Introduction: Overcome ED

This work teaches how to have superior sex after prostate cancer or age related ED: increase libido, lengthen and strengthen orgasms, and decrease anxiety and depression. We introduce a new process for using any standard ED Vacuum Pump. Specifically, we describe a sequential, multi-stage pumping technique. The sex technique described in this paper forms part of a Holistic Approach described on this site to overcome Erectile Dysfunction, with Six Related Activities

Table Of Contents

Preface/Introduction: A New Technique For The ED Vacuum Pump 

Chapter 1: The Main Goals For This Approach 

Chapter 2: Five Main Groups Of People Who Can Use This Sex Technique.

Chapter 3: What Does “Holistic Approach” Mean When Applied To This Sex Technique?

Chapter 4: Six Complementary Techniques For Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction?

Chapter 5: Warning: First Get Medical Advice

Chapter 6: Nine Advantages of This Approach For Couples, Presented In Order of Their Occurrence During Sex

Chapter 7: Another Set of Ways To Describe The Advantages of This Approach To Overcome ED

Chapter 8: Why Are All These Benefits Possible

Chapter 9: A Few General Observations About This Sex Technique

Chapter 10: The Second Part of This Paper

Chapter 11: Conclusion To First Part of This Paper

Chapter 12: How This Book Came About

Chapter 13: Important Caveat

Chapter 14: Ordering Part Two: A PDF

Chapter 15: Other Services Offered

Chapter 1: 

The Main Goals For This Approach

The Main Goals for this approach can be summarized as follows:

1. Have better sex after prostatectomy or prostate radiation.

2. Overcome Erectile Dysfunction without sex pills, implants, or penal injections.

3. End anxiety and depression from prostate cancer and other ED.

4. Overcome Age Related ED. 

5. Incorporate Six Related Activities for maximum effectiveness.


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Chapter 2:

Five Main Groups of People Who Can Use This Sex Technique



 2.1. Men Putting Off Prostate Exams And/Or Treatment 

Many men do not have prostate exams or prostate removal because they are afraid that they will be impotent after prostate removal. This paper hopes to change this.

Just the opposite is the reality. Sex after prostatectomy can be superior to sex before prostatectomy. You can have your prostate removed surgically and then have a good sex life with a woman that is easily superior to sex before the prostatectomy.

Unnecessary Cause of Death

Because many men do not understand the potential described in this paper, they refuse to have prostate exams and treatment. Subsequently, these men develop advanced prostate cancer which leads to their early death.

Over 31,000 men in the United States are expected to die from prostate cancer in 2019.

All of these men could understand the superior sexual joy they could experience after prostatectomy. This would be in addition to and on top of a greatly enhanced friendship with women. Consequently, many of these same men would get early treatment and prolong their lives. This would increase their own happiness, and prevent the unnecessary sorrow of loved ones.

Hopefully this paper will act as an outline, or primer, or manual on achieving what is possible and how to go about it. You do all this within the framework of a total relationship.

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2.2. Men Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction After Prostatectomy

Almost all men who have had nerve sparing, radical prostatectomy experience erectile dysfunction. This is for some of, if not all of the first two years following surgery. The approach outlined in this work offers help for many of these men during this period, and beyond if necessary. Many of these men experience related severe depression. These men can relieve this depression quickly and without medication, using the approach described here.

More Specifically, many of these men can not get an erection by thinking about a woman (fantasizing), or even when in their direct presence (non contact, with clothes on or off). This is especially true during the initial period after surgery. Frightening and depressing thoughts occur. Here is a way around this. Not only is sensation possible, but it is possible to have powerful sensation with a very large and hard penis and a powerful orgasm. 

Patients Who Did Not Have Nerve Sparing Surgery

This technique will also assist a great many men who did not have nerve sparing surgery, or experienced any of many other common complications related to surgery of the prostate.

Furthermore, these results are achieved by embracing a superior process, using a standard existing vacuum pump for ED. The process requires several elastic tension rings and two pieces of transparent tape, each 2” long and 3/4” wide. Tape is already present in almost every home.

This paper discusses achieving a physical “connection” using a vacuum pump. Few men know about or have ever achieved this “connection”. We teach how to use a simple process improvement to achieve this result. Specifically, this booklet describes a new process of two or three stage sequential pumping technique with an ED vacuum pump.

Note: Surgeons routinely remove the prostate when there is cancer in the gall bladder and the gall bladder is removed.

2.3. Many Men Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Radiation 

The approach outlined in this work will also offer help for many men who have experienced a gradual decline in sexual function since having prostate radiation.

2.4. Men With Age Related ED

Specific technique outlined in this paper may be applied to help many other forms of ED, or following other procedures. Of course, some of the men in this group may still be producing and emitting sperm. Thus, not all prostatectomy comments are applicable.

2.5. Many Women

Lots of women who have born children have stretched vaginas that need a large penis. Fortunately, this technique can help many women get this in their current partner.

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 Chapter 3:

What Does “Holistic Approach” Mean When Applied To This Sex Technique?

One way to look at the word “Holistic” is to see it as meaning “complementary”. That is, supportive and helpful, but not alternative in nature. Perhaps the best way to think of this term is as the difference between complementary and alternative therapies in medicine, for example, for a particular surgery. Complementary therapies enhance,  and do not replace, the basic medical procedure.

So what we are interested in here are complementary activities that enhance the results from the sex technique described in this article. 

I want to discuss two different types of Holistic activity that apply to enhancing The Sequential Pumping Technique, which is the foundation activity.


3.1. A Holistic Approach Consisting of Complementary Attitudes And Behaviors Around the Sex Technique Itself

The first of these two ideas are Complementary attitudes and activities around the sex act itself. This set of behaviors and feelings are incredibly important for enhancing the results of the sex technique itself. The majority of the first Part of this Paper, what you are reading now, discusses these points.

Chapter 6 focuses on a discussion of these points.

In addition, Chapter 2 provides more general introduction of helpful attitudes.


3.2. Holistic Approaches That Are Based In Non-Sexual Acts.

These Approaches are supportive in nature. They have to do with aspects of general health and well being, both physical and emotional. The next Chapter, Chapter 4, lists these six areas and provides links to the specific pages for each on this site.

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Chapter 4:

Six Holistic Activities For This Sex Technique and Overcoming ED.

4.1. First, Learn how to use our Reading Aids  to Improve your reading, physical condition, and romance simultaneously.


4.2. Second, Exercise Without Boredom or Discomfort. Use Our Rotating Device Holder on Elliptical, Recumbent Bike, Upright Bike, Or Treadmill. As a result, you will get in better physical shape and have a better social life.


4.3. Further, Read The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet (For Free) to help achieve personal and romantic happiness.


4.4. In addition, learn about Resonance Dancing, for your body, mind, and soul.


4.5. Also, learn how to use our specialized Self Massage Tools for trigger points and bone triggers. Consequently, get pain free and have good sex.


4.6. Finally, see our Quick Change Door Mount for you to Quickly And Safely Change Your PT Stretching and Strengthening Bands. Improve your home physical therapy and consequently improve your physical condition and Readiness For Romance


Just click on the links above to go to the respective article.

You can also find links to each of these six Augmentations at the top of our Home page, as well as a link to the main article on sex technique.

In addition, the right side of the Footer of each page lists these different Holistic approaches.

Finally, there links to these different Holistic Approaches  in the pictures throughout this main article on Sequential Pumping Technique.


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Chapter 5:

First Get Medical Advice

This paper talks about possible benefits from advanced ways to use a standard vacuum pump for ED. However, not all men should use a vacuum pump. Men with priapism, blood clotting or bleeding disorders or under the influence of drugs or alcohol should avoid this approach. If you are drunk or drugged up, it is highly likely that you will forget to remove the elastic ring after no more than thirty minutes. 

5.1. Who Should Avoid This Approach

Men experiencing pain in the genitals during sex should see a doctor immediately. Also, men with Peyronie’s disease should also see their urologist. In addition, men who have severe arthritis in their fingers and hands should also find another approach. This is because they may not be able to control the pumping action on a manual pump, or press the safety valve, or move the elastic ring off the penis. 

A vacuum pump should not be a way around getting treated for psychological causes of ED. Perhaps most importantly, many men have trouble translating a list of written directions into a sequence of simple physical acts; they need a teacher to help them get started. 

5.2. Possibility Of Misuse

This is not a complete list. Misuse of a vacuum pump can cause pain and physical harm; get advised and trained properly. Get checked out, and get guidance, and get training from a licensed medical practitioner before starting to use a Vacuum Pump. Just like with an automobile, the mechanical ED pump can offer tremendous empowerment. However, proper training before use, and caution during operation are required for safe operation and great results. This paper does not offer medical advice.

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Chapter 6:

Nine Advantages Of This Approach For Couples, In The General Order Of Occurrence During Sex

6.1. Real Friendship between Men and Women

Very few women have real friendships with men outside of their husband, or sexual partner, because they are concerned that the relationship will become more than just friendship. In fact, one of the few exceptions to this generalization is the friendship between a woman and a gay man, where there is no concern by the woman of sexual advance.

This paper will make it clear that while sex after prostatectomy can be far superior to sex before prostatectomy, it often occurs only after very willful and voluntary effort and focus by the man. That is to say, the automatic hormonal secretions, and desire/rush to conclusion are not present or started at initial contact, regardless of how a woman is dressed. 

Consequently, the man is much more in control of his own being than before. He is much more in charge of when his sexual excitement begins. Secondly, he is in charge totally of when and if to move to second base. He is freed up from his own hormones taking over control of his behavior.

Real Liberation For Both Men And Women

It is actually quite liberating not to be attracted sexually to every woman who looks beautiful, or dresses in a suggestive fashion. Knowing the opposite not to be the case, levels the playing field.

Furthermore, men and women are now much more equal. Now men and women can both enjoy intellectual conversation and friendship without worry. This is unbelievably freeing and liberating for both men and women. To be able to focus on and rejoice in the beauties and wisdom of women without having sex on the brain, or dominating the cortex, is simply revolutionary. Few men have experienced the joy of sharing compassion and wisdom with a woman, or many women, and thought about what she/they have said, with an open mind.

This is liberating for women as well. To have to keep men at bay because you cannot trust them, is terribly isolating and the opposite of liberation. Imagine what life would be like between the sexes if this were not the norm and, instead, men and women could be friends first.

6.2. Better And More Foreplay, Enjoyable By Both

On the other hand, and If desired, men and women can now engage in almost endless amounts of sexual foreplay before proceeding to second and third base. This has hitherto been very difficult for many men, as there was a desire/rush towards fulfillment on the part of the male.

Before the male makes special preparation, the level of his sexual excitement is quite modest, but may be maintained at this level indefinitely.

While this may seem a limitation on maleness, quite the contrary is the fact. Men can now handle an extensive amount of foreplay with mild excitement throughout the process, without any need or rush to quicken the pace. This can make the woman much more capable of orgasm, and much more grateful to her partner. To the extent that satisfying your partner is important, men can be much more successful in satisfying their partner; and this is actually very important to many men, as well as most women.

A point to stress here is that this is not an act that is one-sided. The man can now experience stimulation at a low level that is highly enjoyable for an extensive amount of time.

Extra Time

Another point is also worth noting. When using a vacuum pump and this new approach, the clock does not start ticking on the specially prepared penis until foreplay is concluded. The male must remove an elastic tension ring placed on the outside of the penis after no more than 30 minutes after the elastic ring is added. This new approach allows for a maximum amount of time for foreplay before the ring is even added onto the penis and the clock then starts ticking.

Increased foreplay is but one of many ways the modern understanding expounded in this paper.enhances the act of sex.


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6.3. Amazing Transformation

With the technique outlined below, an amazing transformation occurs in the penis in approximately a minute and 1/2. It gets amazingly large, hard and long. The transformation is so abrupt and almost instantaneous as to appear almost magical.

The approach in this paper describes a technique for multiple stages of vacuum pumping, if necessary.

Increased Sensitivity

A second transformation also occurs as a result of the special preparation described in this paper. The penis becomes quite sensitive along its entire length, where before, sensitivity was primarily located around the tip of the penis. Expanded length and circumference of the penis in a hard state stimulates sexual response from a much larger area than just a minute or two before. As a result, the man suddenly becomes much more excited, at the same time as his capability increases dramatically.

The approach in this paper describes a technique for locating and “locking” the elastic band behind a small amount of tissue at the bottom of the penis which acts as a bulwark or parapet to prevent the elastic ring from sliding forward.

In order to achieve this result, with maximum penis length, the approach in this paper describes a clever way to prevent air leakage while simultaneously increasing ease of moving the elastic bands off the tube.

It should be noted that this dramatic increase in sexual stimulation and excitement in the male occurs at exactly the same time as the woman is now ready for penetration and to climax.

Advantage of Extensive Foreplay

I should also like to point out that the manual stimulation of the penis in foreplay is essential pre-preparation for maximum results to be obtained by the final preparation. This is because a delightful male foreplay results in elongation of the penis and some flow of blood into it. While this degree of elongation and hardness is nowhere near sufficient for penetration, it is absolutely essential for maximum results when using the vacuum pump. In fact, the results of using the vacuum pump on a foreplay-prepared penis can easily result in 50 to 80% additional length. This fact should additionally encourage men to participate in foreplay.

The technique described in this paper involves use of a vacuum pump and multiple elastic rings designed for ED.

Because in this approach the elastic ring ideally locates behind the base of the penis, a condom can be applied after transformation in the usual way, without there being any interference from the ring.

Return Of Libido

As noted earlier, a firm penis, hard enough for penetration, is not the only goal achieved by this technique. When the penis is maximally hard, and also at full length, there is an immediate increase in sensation for the man which is shocking. All kinds of nerves start to excite when the penis has reached this maximum hardness and maximum length, which are not stimulated even moments earlier. Even if the man has not felt very much, or any, stimulation in the length of his penis when thinking about his loved one earlier in the day, the situation can change instantly after applying these additional steps described in this paper. 

This increase in sensitivity is preparation based; therefore, the benefits may be possible for many men to achieve. Each man will have to determine if it works for him. This technique is “add on potential” to whatever was present before, assuming there are some nerves left after surgery.

The man can provide oral sex for the woman while the reciprocal is occurring for the man, and this can go on for a very long period of time if desired. Certainly this can go on long enough for the woman to reach the moment of readiness.

6.4. Immediate Benefits for Joint Orgasm

There is no rush to conclusion; after penetration, the man can easily pace himself and be quite entertained for a long time before climaxing. This means that he can keep pace with his lady, and and she can reach her own satisfaction, perhaps multiple times.

The man, using this technique, is far more capable of almost reaching orgasm many times before the actual event.

Secondly, many women have stretched vaginas after the birth of children and require a larger penis for satisfaction. For this reason alone, this approach should be of interest for many women.

This approach also enables the Penis to have its maximum effective length.

The technique that I discuss here for arriving at an extremely large, hard and long penis in the matter of two minutes or less, will probably be world altering and mind-boggling, as there is essentially no cost and certainly no sex pills, or suppositories, or needle injections, or implants of any type.

Pleasant Surprise

Instead, what there is is a sudden surprise for the woman (and the man); the previously fairly limp penis suddenly becomes extremely hard and firm and very, very large. This is like a Christmas gift of a diamond ring, partway through breakfast. Nothing new is created, but potential is realized.

There is one more advantage that I want to mention here. The penis prepared as directed in this paper is long, large and hard. However, it does not stand upright. All “vacuum assisted” erections “hinge” just behind the elastic. There is no hardness behind the tension ring, and so the penis hinges or falls down at this point. This is actually a great gift because it means that the man can access the woman from a wider set of angles and many more positions, than normally would be the case. For example, Polar Sex should be possible, where the couples heads are 180 degrees apart and the waists are joined.


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Another Bedroom Activity

6.5. Extra Performance After Initial Orgasm, And Before The Clock Times Out

Because of the special preparation involved, the man’s penis stays firm and hard after his initial orgasm. Granted many men need to rest for a moment after the complete surrender to orgasm. In addition, the tip of the male penis may be sore for a minute or two after orgasm, but this will go away quickly. During this brief Interlude, and for some time after, until the clock rings that it is time to remove the elastic band, the male penis will stay erect and hard, enabling the man to continue to perform for most of this period, and the woman time to complete or continue her fulfillment. The penis can even be re-pumped and “topped up” if necessary.

6.6. Second Inning

Opportunity for the Man to Have a Second Time at Bat, With Long-Term Endurance, And Numerous “Mini” Orgasms

After the man reaches his initial climax and the clock runs out, he will need to remove the elastic band and rest for at least an hour. With the cylinder originally prepared in advance with two or more elastic bands on it, he can apply a new elastic band over his penis, without the need to prepare a second tube, or start all over with the first cylinder. A “second inning” begins by using the backup ring on the open end of the cylinder just used.

The man is then capable of having a series of “mini-orgasms”, which will get all the way to climax, but not actually reach climax. During this time his partner may have numerous additional orgasms. Note: this inning or period of sex must again end after no more than thirty minutes. Then he must remove the elastic ring again.

6.7. Post-Session Benefits For Both Parties

Men do not have to worry about the consequences of producing sperm, either to clean up, or as a cause of impregnating a woman. There is no chance of paternity suits or unwanted children, even with younger women.

The woman does not have to worry about cleaning sperm up afterward or getting pregnant, regardless of her age.

6.8. Reduction In Guilt

Let’s look at sexual guilt. To be sure, every religion has a complicated relationship with sex and its enjoyment, which may or may not have evolved over time. The need for each species to reproduce, in order to prevent extinction, is now countered by the need to prevent overpopulation. Furthermore, technology advancements have reconfigured statistical probability and now play an important part in decision-making. In addition, there are an almost infinite number of tribal, social, legal, parental, and cultural norms which are always evolving to some extent. So, what is true for one person is not true for another; what is true for one person in his youth, is highly likely to evolve over time. So, it is extremely risky and foolish to say anything about sexual guilt beyond what is completely obvious. Having said this I make this one point.

Women know that if they bear their breasts, they will excite men with very predictable results. For this reason most women, even in America, choose to keep their breasts covered in public, at least to some extent. There is an undeniable corollary to this fact: women feel a certain responsibility if the sexual instincts of men get out of control. Even if a man is totally out of control, and totally to blame, a woman will still feel the need to ask herself if she was partially to blame.

Biology And Tradition

If nothing else, biology and custom have recognized a tradition where men are the initiators and women are the arbiters of flow, saying yes or no. Secondly, if sex was not enjoyable, it is highly unlikely that very many of us would have been born. Biologically speaking, sex is God’s bribe to get men and women to reproduce. Most men and most women have a desire for sexual pleasure, in some form. Furthermore, women have a very tough time bearing children and nursing them; and God has given women a very sensual body that can be pleased by many actions related to bearing and nurturing children. So there is a desire on both parties to indulge.

I doubt that this situation is going to change in our lifetimes, or in the next 500 years. However, it would be very nice if men and women could be in situations where this female self-guilt and self-blame was not likely to occur, And Men Would Not Be So Tempted To Lose Control. This is another promise of post prostate relationships between men and women using the approach described in this paper.

If nothing else, women should be able to start trusting their male partners more.

6.9. Hearing a Deep Inner Voice of Contentment and Happiness, and Desire to Be Together

Without the extremely strong signals of sexual attraction overwhelming the man’s mental processing, there is the possibility for the man to recognize other feelings and cherish them. These include strong feelings of contentment with your partner, happiness at being together, and desire to be together in the future.

Again, this is possible because sexual desire stays at a very low level until special preparation is made. At this point the man’s sexual desire then becomes very strong, followed by the ability to have a very powerful orgasm. What is amazing is that the actual prostatectomy enables this healthier balance of emotions, with a very strong showing of each emotion, with expression of each at the optimal time.


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Chapter 7:
Other Descriptions Of The Advantages Of This Approach


7.1 Staying Young; Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction Due To Age

Approximately three in 10 men age 40 to 49, and 9/10 men 70 years old and up have trouble with erectile dysfunction, simply as a function of age. The sequential pumping technique described in this paper will immediately provide a long, large and hard penis, without pills or needles or suppositories. Quite simply, this technique is a means for maintaining youth and staying young.


7.2 Overcoming Healing Time For Nerves On The Prostate, Which Have Been Treated With Nerve Sparing Surgery

Up to two years are required for nerves on the prostate to heal after nerve sparing surgery has been used to save them. During this time erectile dysfunction often occurs. The technique described in this paper will eliminate this problem immediately as a long, large, and hard penis is repeatedly reproducible.


7.3 Augmenting Other Techniques For Penile Rehabilitation

Many medical personnel believe that it is important to have 2 to 3 erections a week, regardless of whether or not there is orgasm. This is to keep the penal tissues healthy, so they will not weaken. Sometimes sex pills are used to help stimulate an erection, but they in turn require the erection nerves to be healthy and these are in fact healing; sex pills only work for about 10% of men in the first few months after prostatectomy. The technique described in this paper will eliminate this problem immediately, without pills or injections; it will repeatedly produce erections that are hard enough for penetration.


7.4. Overcoming ED Caused By Scarring, Hardening And Narrowing In The Arteries

The larger the dose of radiation and the wider the amount of pelvic area addressed the greater will be the likelihood of damage to the arteries. This damage will in turn limit the speed at which blood can fill the penis. The sequential pumping technique discussed in this paper eliminates this problem because blood is allowed to flow into the penis at a controlled rate, and then trapped with an elastic band after engorgement is complete. Erectile dysfunction will usually get worse during the first year or two following prostate radiation; this does not need to be a problem if one uses the above mentioned technique.


7.5 Overcoming Low Libido Due To Low Levels Of Testosterone Following Cancer Treatment

The sequential pumping technique discussed in this paper creates a very strong libido commensurate with the conclusion of pumping and the establishment of a long, large and hard penis. Furthermore, after cancer treatment for the prostate, men are not given testosterone as it tends to promote the growth of prostate cancer cells. The sequential pumping technique described here will provide libido replacement from low testosterone; however, this occurs after technique utilization.


7.6. Reducing Feelings Of Inadequacy, Unmanliness And Depression Due To ED

The sequential pumping technique discussed in this paper provides immediate empowerment within about five minutes or less; this empowerment provides an immediate alternative to depression. This emancipation from fear will in turn enable the man to relax and enjoy, which may have been the main problem to begin with.

7.7. Overcoming Reduced Organisms Due To Lack Of Semen And No Sensation Of Ejaculation

The sequential pumping technique discussed in this paper provides a multistage orgasm which builds in intensity and duration of time, far surpassing the sensation of ejaculation. Furthermore, fear of women missing the feeling of ejaculation is unfounded as most women cannot sense this. The nerve bundles that handle ejaculation are in the spine; these are very different from the nerves on the prostate which control erection. While nerve damage in abdominoperineal (AP) resection and retroperitoneal lymph node dissection can cause emission problems, it is the actual cutting of tubes and removal of organs that causes emission impossibility after radical prostatectomy. In either case the proposed technique produces a very strong orgasm, without semen.


7.8. Overcoming Urine Leakage During Sex After Prostate Surgery

The sequential pumping technique discussed in this paper provides a very strong seal against urine leakage, especially if the man has thoroughly voided his bladder before commencing sexual activity.


7.9. Overcoming Premature Ejaculation Even In Healthy Men

The sequential pumping technique described in this paper enables the man to have great control over the pace of orgasm; he is often able to create a series of “almost orgasms” on his way to and before the major event. This greatly increases the duration of happiness. No antidepressant medications nor creams are required to achieve this result.


7.10. Compensating For A Shrunken Penis Following Prostatectomy

A number of men experience a shortened penis after prostatectomy, similar to after taking a cold shower. This shrinking can go on for a whole year after prostatectomy. The sequential, multi-stage pumping action described in this paper will provide proper length for function at the time when there needs to be functionality.


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Chapter 8:
Why Are All These Benefits Possible

8.1. How Can All This Be True?

The answer is very simple. After prostatectomy, a man does not, at least initially, get turned on easily. Visual stimulation from female physical form and various degrees of nakedness have almost no effect on creating major sexual desire, and certainly do not produce an erection. Not until the man willfully and voluntarily decides to make a major effort, does he begin to get excited enough to lead to orgasm. This is also true for pornography. In addition, some men miss the stimulus of emission.

The nerves controlling erection are different from the nerves controlling emission; and both are different from the function of orgasm. Herein lies the path to light and happiness; neither the ability to have an erection nor the ability to ejaculate semen are required to have a great orgasm. My technique for sequential pumping compliments and aids this third function, even if the other two functions are impaired or totally dysfunctional.

A man unaided by some form of assistance is not capable of penetrating a woman with whatever degree of erection he may be able to self-achieve, at least for some time right after prostatectomy, and maybe for a long time after prostatectomy. The effort a man must put in involves willful participation in combination with some form of external preparation.


8.2. Five Choices

Furthermore, of the five general types of preparation available, all but one have serious disadvantages. Sex pills are very expensive per pill, and operate only within a very limited timeframe (at least for regular pills), forcing somewhat artificial encounters. Furthermore, the effectiveness of sex pills drops off for many men, and many men experience unpleasant side effects. Fine needle injections into the penis are painful and risk Sepsis. Penal suppositories are somewhat disgusting. Internal pumps and other implants, surgically implanted, do not seem natural and have many complications including cost.


8.3. The ED Vacuum Pump

This leaves one option, the vacuum pump, which can lead to spectacular results, after a modest one time, initial investment of about $300. With a vacuum pump, almost any man can achieve an erection, even after prostatectomy. Numerous movies are available for free which show how to use a vacuum pump, and how to prepare the penis for sex after prostatectomy or other erectile dysfunction.

It is very important to get quality equipment and a thorough understanding of the proper preparation and penal training to undergo, before doing the preparation outlined in this paper.

However, all this is not enough to create the spectacular and amazing results that a very modest set of operational improvements can produce, when incorporated within the larger framework of the philosophy of this paper.

Without the techniques described in this paper, vacuum pump results are modest at best. 50% of men who start off using a vacuum pump currently move on to one of the other approaches. 


Diet For Sex After Prostatectomy

The Inventor's Lifestyle Diet

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After you read this free book; call to arrange 1on1 consultation: 978-927-9234.

Chapter 9:

A Few General Observations

Specifically, this paper discusses a technique for effectively “connecting” (not directly) the nerves of the tip of the penis with the shaft of the penis throughout its whole length.

Quite frankly, almost no man knows how to achieve this using a vacuum pump. Usual results are way below this goal. A specific improvement of technique is all that is required, but this is a substantial change.

Most men using a vacuum pump end up with a partially hard penis and an elastic band partway up their penis. Both these conditions defeat the necessary requirements for success using a vacuum pump.

I have found these suggested innovations to be easy to produce repeatedly. In fact the total time from going from a very soft and weak penis to a large, hard and extremely sensitive penis can be as little as about a minute and 1/2 for each stage of pumping. The number of stages required will vary from 1-3.

The research and discovery I made to achieve these results after prostate surgery produced results so startling that I wrote this paper, so that millions of men and women can benefit from the results, easily reproduced.

9.1. Advance Preparation of Pump

One key point to mention is that the vacuum pump can be prepared in advance, and kept in a prepared state, out of sight or in a drawer, until it is desired. Then the pumping action can be performed in about a minute and 1/2. As the results are so miraculous, their creation may be very exciting for all to watch. Regardless, the active preparation time is truly minimal and can be picked by the individual or couple at their discretion. 

A second or third stage of initial pumping follows if necessary. 

Also, a second use of the vacuum pump, if desired, can also be prepared in advance for use after removal of the first elastic band following orgasm, and subsequent recovery time of at least an hour.

9.2. Early Signs For Probable Success After Prostatectomy

Most men who have a prostatectomy worry about their sexual functionality after the initial catheter is removed. Many of these men would be happy to learn that what causes them great pain immediately after surgery is also the sign of sexual capability in the future. Specifically, many men who are catheterized after prostate surgery, which is the normal procedure, experience great pain at the tip of their penis from any movement of the catheter. Instead of experiencing pain alone, these men could experience joy by realizing that the tip of their penis had many nerves still functioning, and this in turn meant at a minimum that they could have an orgasm from extended manipulation of the tip of the penis.

9.3. Essential Preparation for Success, Often Overlooked

Men can sometimes increase the probability of sexual performance and gratification by performing pelvic tilt exercises as well as Kegel exercises in the two-three months prior to their operation. Performing these two exercises may also reduce the occurrence of post operation incontinence.

9.4. Assumptions

This paper assumes that the prostatectomy is nerve sparing surgery, and that ideally, it is performed with robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery.

Secondly, this approach assumes you are using a manual pump, and not an electric pump. The manual pump has far more control and instant access to the vacuum safety valve. This paper also assumes that the pump handle during the pumping action is on the bottom side of the unit, and any marking on the cylinder is on the uppermost side during actual use. Some units will vary. Please adjust the directions below accordingly.

Use a prescription based, highest quality vacuum pump.

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Chapter 10:

The Second Part Of This Paper

The Second Part Of This Paper Is The Actual Manual.

10.1. Need for Proper Training

Despite the simplicity of the technique described in this work, application can result in unanticipated and undesired results.

10.2 Copies Go First To Urologists, Etc.

For this reason, I have decided that the best approach is to limit my operational manual presentations (Part 2) to physical therapists, urologists, men’s health specialists, and other medical doctors, who will in turn counsel their clients/patients in a comprehensive step-by-step introduction.


We will send your Physical Therapist or Men’s Health Specialist (Urologist) a PDF Manual with illustrations. Tell your Physical Therapist or Men’s Health Doctor (Urologist) about your interest in this work and ask him or her to request a copy of the manual to go over with you. See Ordering Information in Chapter 14, below.


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One of Many Reading Aids

Double Your Daily Reading

Read well in an Armchair, on a Bed Table, or On Your Side in Bed.

Partially rotated Reading Aid for reading on your side in bed.

Chapter 11:

Conclusion To First Part

The main point of the first part of this book is to explain to millions of men and women that sex after prostate cancer can easily be far superior to sex before prostatectomy or prostate radiation. This in turn should encourage many men to proceed with medical treatment if determined necessary by their urologist. Now there is also hope for men with age related ED.


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Chapter 12:

How This Book Came About

Motivation for this book started out as a way to help people (starting with myself) face and overcome issues relating to prostate disease. Initially, there were three main groups targeted: men considering prostate removal, men considering prostate radiation, and men having had prostate surgery or radiation who needed to deal with short or long term problems following treatment.

As so often happens with advances, many other people with very different circumstances end up also being able to benefit from advancements in a speciality area.

The ability to get a large, long and hard penis was initially sought as a means to create a circuit of sensuality for those who had lost sensation and prerequisite hardness after prostate surgery. However, these capabilities by themselves have a wide appeal for other needs as well. Largeness and hardness and length are desired ends in themselves for many regular citizens.

In an amazing way, what started out as a way to deal with removal of the prostate and impaired sexual functionality, has ended up as a way to help a great many men keep their youth and vitality in the face of the ravages of time.


I realized that what I had to say was about more than a simple technique with a few illustrations and directions on a single piece of paper; it is a philosophy for a far more fulfilling relationship between men and women. Only when this total philosophy is first fully understood as described here, and the male properly instructed, does it make sense to introduce the simple technique involved.

In time I realized that I was really talking about an approach for enhanced compatibility between men and women including the option of sex. The full benefits of the simple technique towards a radically improved interpersonal and sexual experience, cannot be achieved without understanding the larger picture first, which this first part of my paper lays out.

This paper came about because a professional inventor with a strong imagination and strong basis in mechanical aptitude and knowledge of mechanical relationship was exposed by chance (prostate cancer) to the mechanical vacuum ED pump and all the current limitations of understanding regarding its current and potential use. To be completely honest, it never crossed my mind to get depressed; after surgery and finding myself still alive, I went right to work to find some form of solution for erectile dysfunction.

This article may come to be called the Rebirth of the ED Vacuum Pump.

SSPP Stands for Superior Sex Post Prostatectomy.


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Chapter 13:

Important Caveat

Each sentence in this paper needs to be evaluated by your own personal experience. I am presenting a road map for what I found possible, as I sought to personally deal with life after prostatectomy. As stated at the beginning of this paper, this article is based on my own surprising discoveries and a desire to share what I learned.


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Chapter 14:

Ordering Part 2: A PDF

Have Your Doctor or Physical Therapist Contact Us for Part Two. As A Christmas and New Year Special, there is no cost for this PDF for the rest of December 2019 and All of January 2020 (Normally, $15 cost).

Text or Email:  proread@tiac.net.

Phone: 978-927-9234.

Or use our Contact Form

Part 1 of this book is completely free  to all at: www.homephysicaltherapyequipment.com

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Patent Pending


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Chapter 15:

Other Services Offered

In addition to this book, private and small group presentations can be arranged with Doctors and/or Physical Therapists. Joint consultation for followup studies is also possible. Finally, large group presentations at medical schools and professional conferences can also be arranged.

Copyright 2019 John Fleming Adams

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For more information about sex and prostate cancer, contact the American Cancer Society.

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