Overcome ED With Dancing

The Goal Of Resonance Dancing

Resonance Dancing is a way to get in touch with yourself as you exercise with a cardio workout and generate an endorphin rush from the combination of music and movement. The only rule is to move to music, in resonance, as you feel like doing. You provide your own steps and choreography as the music unfolds. As a result, you are your own director. Move/dance in step with the music as you wish. There is no right or wrong here, only your ongoing movement.

How To Start


The best way to start Resonance Dancing is by yourself in a room in your house or apartment; only a few square feet are necessary. Play music from your iPhone onto your headphones and dance to what you hear. Use your favorite tunes. Remember, what you do is between you and the music. There is no correct step or sequence to follow or master.

Just believe that you can resonate with the music, going faster or slower with the beat if you wish. The goal is for you to be your own expression of movement as you see fit. You will quickly grow in your ability.Once you 

Never forget the lessons you learn about yourself in your private practice. Then, if and when you are ready, go outside and dance in the park, or in the middle of a train station. Shut your eyes if you want and just express yourself with the music. 

Everyone around you will be amazed; and so will you.

Your body, mind, and soul will all grow at once.


Session Length, Group Size, & Consultation

A good session can often be two to three songs of about two and a half minutes each.

A small or large groups of students can also do this activity, for example in public schools.

This is a lifelong activity that requires no additional cost for equipment. You can wear sneakers or shoes, although sneakers are better.

Call me to arrange private, live, 1on1, online consultation: 978-927-9234.

Resonance Dancing can help lead to Superior Life After Cancer.

For more information on sex after prostate cancer, contact the American Cancer Society.

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