Diet For Sex After Prostatectomy

The Inventor’s Lifestyle Diet explains and describes an approach that works and which you can implement. It is absolutely free; there is nothing to buy. Diet is key to better health and romance.


The inventor’s Lifestyle Diet is a book about lifestyle change. It was written by me, a professional inventor. Everything in this book can be tested out and proved, usually within 2 to 3 days. Any product of an inventor has to meet these standards. Also, there is no cost for the 25 key principles of this book. Why? Because these principles are so powerful that everybody should have them for free. Furthermore, everything you need is right in this book. There are no expensive newsletters, or meals, or supplements, or videos, or magic potions. If you like what you read here and it helps you, I hope you will share it with others on Facebook and Twitter and by e-mail.

If after reading the introduction and 25 key principles, you decide you want to continue with this program, there are seven other sections in Part Two of this book to help you get started and succeed. Part Two of this book is also FREE.


Table Of Contents

Part One (Free)
Chapter One. How This Book Came About
Chapter Two. The Twenty-Five Key Principles
Chapter Three. Realization

Part Two (Free)
Chapter Four. Overcoming Startup Fears
Chapter Five. Using The Tools
Chapter Six. Avoiding Temptation
Chapter Seven. Correcting Mistakes and “Sins”
Chapter Eight. Menu Ideas
Chapter Nine. Making Things Happen
Chapter Ten. Maintaining Your New Weight

If after reading this book and trying out the ideas, you decide you want private or small group consultation with the author over the Internet, that can be arranged at the end of this work. You may want a Lifestyle Diet Coach. Call us for a free 10 minute consultation at 978-927-9234.

For more information contact the American Cancer Society.

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