Read and Run: Exercise Without Boredom or Discomfort

Exercise For Sex After Prostatectomy
Rotating iPad Holder on elliptical machine; adjust height, distance, tilt, and rotation.

Read and Run with our Rotating Device Holder. Most people are surprised to learn that they can read silently just ahead of spoken text as they exercise. Consequently, this will completely eliminate boredom and physical discomfort while exercising. Additionally, you will get your reading done at high speed. In addition, you will find that you have gotten an endorphin rush from your cardio workout, as you have done your reading. Furthermore, you can listen to music at reduced volume while you read just ahead of text read out loud, at your choice of speed from normal speaking rate (about 150 words per minute) up to 450 words per minute. Type is in large font, pages turn automatically, and you can pause whenever you want. Read in either portrait or landscape mode. Adjust Height, Tilt, Rotation, and Distance From Eyes. Clear base allows you to see through to control panel.

This approach is great for increasing focus and concentration. Furthermore, it is ideal for exercise on an elliptical machine, recumbent exercise bike, upright exercise bike, or treadmill. Quickly move from one machine to another. 

It is also ideal for ADHD students, and general reading at a desk or in an armchair, or on a bed table, or on your side in bed. 

One of Many Reading Aids

All you need is your iPad and our special Rotating Device Holder. Click on the button above if you want to learn more, or call us: 978-927-9234. Being in better shape helps you have better romance after prostate cancer.

For more information on better sex after prostate cancer, contact the American Cancer Society.

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